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Smart Metering's True Value
A Panel of Industry Experts to Weigh In
Total Management
Town of Spindale, N.C., Demonstrates Progressiveness through Asset Management Plan
Going Solar
Solar Power Remains A Viable Option for Lowering Operating Costs at Water Facilities
Not Just a Return on Investment - A Return on Intelligence
Financial Report
Great Lakes Nutrient Removal Assistance Act Could Provide $500 Million to EPA
Smart Maps
PACP Data for GIS Systems Optimize Condition Assessment

In the June 2015 Issue

Smart MeteringSmart Metering's True Value
Cover Story - According to a report released last year by market analysis firm MicroMarket Monitor, the North American smart metering market is estimated to grow to a nearly $9 billion industry by 2018.... Read more


Total ManagementTotal Management
Featured Articles - The following narrative is formatted to convey the process used by the Town of Spindale, N.C., in developing and implementing an Asset Management Plan (AMP) for its wastewater collection and treatment system.... Read more


Going SolarGoing Solar
Featured Articles - Since 2009, the annual amount of solar installed on U.S. homes, businesses, municipal and government facilities and utility-scale power farms has soared from about 382 megawatts to an estimated 6.5 gigawatts in 2014.... Read more


Featured Articles - As water supply continues to tighten in many regions of the country, the cost to treat and distribute water to utility customers continues to rise. Utilities get it. ... Read more


PACP Data for GIS Systems Optimize Condition AssessmentPACP Data for GIS Systems Optimize Condition Assessment
Featured Articles - In 2014, Esri Software Solutions (Esri) released its ArcGIS for Water Utilities CCTV Processor. In collaboration with the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO), the free ArcGIS tool utilizes NASSCO’s Pipeline Assessment C... Read more

UIM News

Sacramento DOU Saves On AMI Deployment Project
Trimble and Badger Meter announced last week that the adoption of the Trimble Unity solution has enabled the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities (DOU) to streamline installations and achieve significant savings. Read more


WateReuse Applauds Federal Funding for Water Reuse Projects
Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced last week that the federal government will invest $50 million in water reuse and conservation projects in 12 western states. The funding comes from the Bureau of Reclamation’s WaterSmart program. Read more


Michael Baker International Celebrates 75th Anniversary
Michael Baker International, a global provider of engineering and consulting services, launched its 75th anniversary celebrations this month with events at local offices across the United States. Read more


WATER QUALITY: NASA Joins Effort on Algal Bloom Monitoring
NASA has joined forces with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and U.S. Geological Survey to transform satellite data designed to probe ocean biology into information that will help protect the American public from harmful freshwater algal blooms. Read more


FMI: Convergence of Design, Construction Drive M&A Activity in 2015
According to the latest edition of FMI’s Mergers & Acquisitions Trends, the impact of large, transformational deals by integrated engineers and constructors (E&C) last year will spur continued merger and acquisition (M&A) activity this year, as the largest firms use acquisitions to drive growth and enter new markets. Read more


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Water Project Showcase

2014 Water Project Showcase

The Water Project Showcase is a special supplement to UIM. This year, we’ve focused this this annual supplement on successful project stories from across North America. Project stories offer a comprehensive approach to reporting on new technology in the industry and how it is applied in the field. We’ve also presented a few projects that demonstrate some unique trends in the design, construction, operation and management of water and wastewater systems.

While not all of these projects are award winning, (some are), they do demonstrate innovation across several topic areas, acknowledging the many challenges we have regarding our water infrastructure in North America. We encourage you to read through some of these in the Water Project Showcase.

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The Water Conservation Guide

The Water Conservation Guide

It’s no secret water and sewer utilities across the United States are suffering from a lack of funding for needed projects. Of course, the timing makes the situation even more detrimental as we are now in an era of increasing water and wastewater system failures coupled with droughts. Water conservation and the benefits of saving this precious resource can be achieved in a number of ways. But understanding some of the larger issues, such as water scarcity and the overall shift that is happening in the way we think about water, is perhaps important before action can be taken.

To help address this broad topic of conservation, we’ve addressed several areas in our Water Conservation Guide that are imperative for a water utility to consider.

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