Membrane TechnologyFollow the FlowPreparing for FailureFinancial ReportManaging Stormwater Close to the SourceU.S. Conference of Mayors Convenes in Washington, D.C.
Membrane Technology
Helping Collingwood Public Utilities and Others Achieve Optimum Water/Wastewater Filtration
Follow the Flow
In Ontario, Shifting the Way Funding Flows to Municipalities Could Bolster Technological Innovation
Preparing for Failure
U.S. Water Utilities Often Need Guidance to Manage and Avoid Costly Claims and Legal Issues
Financial Report
Project Costs, Environmental Regulations Addressed through Pipe Industry Innovation
Managing Stormwater Close to the Source
Using Low Impact Development Solutions to Achieve Effective Stormwater Management
U.S. Conference of Mayors Convenes in Washington, D.C.
Mayors Water Council Meeting, President and Officials Among the Highlights of 82nd Annual Event

In the April 2014 Issue

Membrane TechnologyMembrane Technology
Cover Story - Membrane filtration is nothing new in the area of water treatment. But while the large majority of municipal water and wastewater treatment plants still use conventional filtration methods, membranes continue to be recognized as the modern ... Read more


Preparing for FailurePreparing for Failure
Featured Articles - Like it or not, water utilities are destined to experience water main breaks. Given the age of the nation’s water infrastructure systems, expansion of construction activities and other issues, it is inevitable that water main breaks will oc... Read more


Managing Stormwater Close to the SourceManaging Stormwater Close to the Source
Featured Articles - The power of water has shaped the Earth’s landscape over millennia to create wonders of the world such as Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. Yet for all of its influence, power and potential, water is a fragile resource.... Read more


Follow the FlowFollow the Flow
Featured Articles - Like many jurisdictions, Ontario, Canada is working to ensure the financial and environmental sustainability of municipal water, wastewater and stormwater systems. While “doing more with less” is the reality for most utilities, Mark Knight ... Read more


Using Pipe Integrity Testing to Measure Wall ThicknessUsing Pipe Integrity Testing to Measure Wall Thickness
Featured Articles - The City of Columbus, Ohio’s water infrastructure is quickly coming to the end of its life expectancy. As a result, the city is significantly increasing its budget for large-scale pipe replacement projects. ... Read more

UIM News

Penn State Documentary Addresses Nation’s ‘Water Blues’
The nation’s potable water sources are frequently threatened by an out-of-date water infrastructure, stormwater runoff and record-breaking droughts. Filmmakers at Penn State Public Media recognized this environmental dilemma and recently produced an interactive documentary project exploring how cities across the country are adopting innovative green solutions for their water blues. Read more


Veolia, Los Angeles Form Partnership to Address Water Meter Maintenance
The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has partnered with Veolia Environnement (Veolia), to review current practices and assist in the implementation of industry best practices for the city’s large water meter and fire service line programs, as well as its chemical procurement activities. Read more


Joseph Loiacono Retires
After more than eight years as director of business development for Aqua-Pipe, Joseph Loiacono retired at the end of December 2013. However, he remains an Aqua-Pipe ambassador. Read more


AWWA Releases State of the Water Industry Report
The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has tracked water industry issues and trends since its founding in 1881. That tradition continues through its annual State of the Water Industry (SOTWI) survey. Read more


Water Reuse & Desal Conference Heads to Las Vegas
The 18th annual Water Reuse & Desalination Research Conference will be held May 19-20, 2014 at the Westin Las Vegas. The WateReuse Research Foundation’s annual conference brings together leading researchers to present key findings and practical solutions to water reuse. Read more


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The Water Conservation GuideThe Water Conservation Guide

It’s no secret water and sewer utilities across the United States are suffering from a lack of funding for needed projects. Of course, the timing makes the situation even more detrimental as we are now in an era of increasing water and wastewater system failures coupled with droughts. Water conservation and the benefits of saving this precious resource can be achieved in a number of ways. But understanding some of the larger issues, such as water scarcity and the overall shift that is happening in the way we think about water, is perhaps important before action can be taken.
To help address this broad topic of conservation, we’ve addressed several areas in our Water Conservation Guide that are imperative for a water utility to consider.

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Optimizing Water Performance: The How to Guide

Optimizing Water Performance: The How to Guide

With municipalities and water and sewer utilities across the country looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs, more are turning to new ways of conducting business. These can include brand new arrangements, such as entering into public-private partnerships (PPPs), or simply improving efficiency in existing business practices. By examining these practices across an entire enterprise, a utility can operate more efficiently and save money.

To help identify potential areas where improvement can be realized, UIM brings you this stand-alone supplement – “Optimizing Water Performance: The How to Guide.”

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